Let me introduce my brand briefly. Be Sportify is one-person owned startup brand and my aim is to help as many people as possible on their journey for a better and healthy life.

My biggest dream is to create a community where we can inspire and motivate each other and reach not only our fitness but also life goals.



I remember those days when I looked in the mirror and had feelings of disappointment and maybe even shame.

I thought my legs were too thick and my abs were too loose. I didn’t feel confident at all and every time I went to the beach with my friends I felt super shy in my bikini.

I believe it’s the age and the knowledge I got throughout my life that helped me to overcome these feelings and started to feel grateful instead of ashamed.

We have only one body and we should take care of it and be grateful we are healthy.

However, I wanted to move to the next level in my life and started the 30 days with Jillian Michales (I believe you know the program). I knew people had great results with it so I wanted to be extremely focused and determined this time and accomplish this goal od completing the whole month. 

And just after the first level, I started to hear compliments on my body. ”Wow, your arms look so strong”, ”Did you lose weight?”.

And suddenly my motivation reached a completely different level. Not only I started to feel so much better in my own body but also these external factors helped me to realize I want to take this journey in my life and simply feel good.

I started to learn and exercise and became immersed in this whole healthy lifestyle world. It’s no longer about being slim, but my purpose is that inner feeling, that confidence.




Since I like traveling and my life is pretty busy I was looking for ways to train my body quickly but effectively. I wanted something that will help me to exercise different body parts at once but it will create some resistance so my workouts will be challenging.
I believe a hip resistance band is a great tool that meets my needs for the effectiveness and time!
It’s also perfect thanks to its size so even if I am traveling I don’t have to miss my workout.

Some of you might think it’s only made for training the glutes, and yes, it’s a main targeted area that hip resistance bands help to train, but the truth is you can target any area in your body. I love the variability Hip Resistance Bands are giving me”

Be Sportify offers 3 different resistance bands that are the same length and only differ in resistance.

As a customer, I knew what I wanted in hip resistance bands and I wasn’t satisfied with the brands readily available on the market. And that’s how Be Sportify was born. 

My brand is made by women for women and my goal is to provide the highest quality and unforgettable experience for the customers.

I believe empowered women truly do empower each other and that’s what Be Sportify is about. I want to motivate you and help you to feel confident in your skin today while living a healthy lifestyle. YOU deserve to be the best version of you. 

Thank you for trusting my brand. If you need any help on your journey, please feel free to reach to me for support.

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