Resistance band exercises for arms that you can do literally anywhere

Resistance band exercises for arms that you can do literally anywhere

Resistance band exercises for arms? What? Aren’t the bands just to tone a butt? Not at all! Check this blog post and workout you arms with these exercises!

Waiting in line for the bus. Sitting on a bench in a park. Stuck at work with nothing to do (or maybe everything to do but no desire to do it).

What do all of these things have in common? 

Well, if you’ve got a handy resistance band with you (which should be kept in your bag at all times, regardless), then you can complete an arm workout while doing all three! 

That’s right, with resistance bands, of course, the possibilities are endless, but we’ve got some simple, easy to follow exercises for you today, that you can do anytime, anywhere. Just pull out your band and get those biceps curling! 

Oh, and the best part? There are no push-ups involved! 

⦁ Triceps Press 

This exercise (unsurprisingly) targets your triceps! Use a reasonably light resistance band, and place it around the middle of your hands. Put your left hand on your right shoulder, and make a fist with your right hand. Keep your shoulders square, your chest raised and then bend your right elbow to a ninety-degree angle. Squeeze your triceps and then slowly extend your arm back towards the floor. Hold for a second, and then repeat. About twenty reps on each side should do the trick!
(This exercise is best done standing, but if necessary, while at a desk at work, it can be completed sitting down).

⦁ Walking Plank

Okay, we confess, this one is pretty similar to a push-up, but we’ll go on a technicality here, and say it doesn’t count! If it’s not in the name, it’s not a push-up!
This one is also great for your core (if you’re into that kind of thing).
Begin in a high plank position with your band wrapped around your wrists, and your hands directly under your shoulders. Walk your right hand forward a bit, and then your left, followed by your right, and then your left again. Go as far as possible, don’t worry if it’s only a few steps on each side, you’ll still feel the burn. Try to keep your hand’s shoulder-width apart as you move. Step your left hand back, followed by your right again, all the way back to the starting position. That counts as one rep. Complete between ten and fifteen reps, depending on your skill level (and also where you are, and the time you have).
Maybe don’t try this while you’re riding the bus! 

⦁ Lat Pull Down

This move is especially great for your shoulders, and you’ll only look crazy doing it in public if you feel crazy doing it in public if you feel crazy doing it in public! 

Extend your arms overhead, with your resistance band looped around the middle of your hands. Make two fists, to secure it in place, and make sure your hands are in line with your shoulders. Begin with your right arm, pull it down to the side, making sure that your left arm stays still. Bend all the way to ninety degrees, or about in line with your shoulder. Keep the tension in the band, and use that to slowly return your right arm back to overhead. Repeat on the left side, and keep the right arm still. Alternate each side for about fifteen reps, rest, and then repeat. 

⦁ Half-Kneeling Biceps Curl 

For this one, you will need to get off your chair if you’re at work. The kneeling helps with the resistance and will give you a steady intensity that will help you with those gains. 

Position your resistance band looped around your right foot, and kneel down with a ninety-degree angle at the knee. Take hold of the resistance band with your right palm facing up towards the sky. Curl your arm up towards your shoulder, making sure to keep your elbow close to your core. Lower your arm back down to your starting position slowly. Complete about fifteen reps and then swap sides and repeat. 

⦁ Triceps Overhead Extension 

You will need a fairly loose band for this exercise. 

Begin by holding the band behind your back. Both your arms will need to start at ninety degrees. With your left arm still and secure, raise your right arm straight up over the back of your head. Slowly lower it back down, keeping your triceps engaged and fired up as you move. Complete fifteen reps on one side, before switching over and doing the other arm. 

When completing this exercise, it’s essential to keep your chest high, your shoulders pressed together, and your back straight. Folding in on yourself could put unnecessary strain on your core, and cause injury. 

⦁ Scapula Flies 

This exercise is perfect for if you need a quick break from sitting around all day, especially on a computer, as it not only trains up your arm muscles, but it encourages you to focus in on correct posture, which can often deteriorate when stuck in an office job. 

Wrap a mini-band around your wrists with your arms extended straight out in front of you. Using your inner arm muscles, push the band out to the sides with both arms, as far as you can go. Don’t worry if it’s not very far to begin with, there is always room for improvement. Remember to focus keeping your shoulders squared, and your arms fully extended throughout the entire exercise. Hold at full extension for several seconds, and then return to your starting position. Do fifteen reps, rest for thirty seconds and then repeat four more times for the best outcome. 

⦁ Single Arm Bending Row 

This final exercise will work your entire upper arm muscles, as well as engage your core and parts of your lower body muscles. 

To set up this exercise, start by putting the resistance band around your right foot. Hinge at the hips and bend your knees slightly. Take the band in your right hand and find your starting position with your right hand just under the knee. Pull the band up towards your ribcage, squeezing your upper arm muscles close to your chest and shoulder blades together. Slowly lower the band back down to the knee and repeat. Once you’ve completed around fifteen reps on one side, swap the band over to your left foot, and repeat with your left arm. 

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