Glute Activation, Why It’s So Important, And How It’s Done!

Glute Activation, Why It’s So Important, And How It’s Done!

.So you want to build those glute muscles right? You’ve just done a killer workout, you thought you were focusing on those muscles, but the next day you’ve woken up, only to find you’ve got sore quads and hamstrings! And your butt? It feels like you haven’t done a thing!

Today, we’re going to be discussing what exactly is going on, when you feel like you’ve done all the work, but nothing to feel for it, and what you can do, to make the pain, your gain.

It’s all about glute activation!

What is Happening?

As discussed before, when we talk about working on the butt muscles, we’re talking about the group of muscles known as the gluteus muscles. These muscles are super important for everyday life, as they help to control a wide range of movement from our lower body, and they help to maintain correct posture. When the glutes aren’t working correctly, it can cause a domino effect, in which strain is placed on other nearby muscles to overperform. This, in turn, leads to muscle pain, poor posture and can increase the risk of injury. It is also one of the reasons why sometimes, after a great butt workout, your gluteus muscles are getting away pain-free. It’s not always a good thing, to feel no pain!

But how do they stop working properly?

In this day and age, a large proportion of people spend their days sitting down, in office jobs across the world. This sedentary lifestyle can have a lot of adverse health effects, including weight gain. Sitting can actually cause our glutes to become ‘underactive,’ meaning they’re not nearly as active as they should be.


This is where activating your glutes comes in handy, or in other words ‘firing up your glutes’, the process of strengthening them by focusing on using them more.

How Can We Activate the Glutes?

Glute activation is a relatively simple undertaking, but knowing the best techniques is vital. We will discuss a few specific exercises below, but essentially, the most important thing to remember is you need to focus on contracting your butt muscles while performing each exercise. Remember to squeeze your butt, to get it fired up!

Aim to have your glutes be the muscles that power your movements in any exercise to activate them. An example of this is you are performing a lunge, concentrate on squeezing your butt as you move to stand up, rather than relying on the muscles in the front of your thighs (the quads). Too much focus on these leg muscles will always result in sore legs the day after, so it’s important to share the weight around.

At first, it will be hard to focus on, especially if you’re not used to it, but getting into the habit of doing a few simple glute activation exercises before a workout will help you on your way to glute perfection!

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Be Sportify Hip Resistance Bands SETGive Your Glutes a Fire Up!

The purpose of any warm-up is to basically tell our muscles it’s time to wake up and get ready for exercise. Adding in a warm-up before any vigorous activity reduces the risk of injury and will help you to get the most out of your workout.

Much like a warm-up, glute activation exercises will help to wake up your glute muscles, and because they are not too demanding on your body, they can be slipped into your lower body workout either before or after your full warm up.


Here are (number) glute isolation exercises that you can use to help give your glutes that very much needed fire up.


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Lying Side Abduction with Leg Lift

This exercise can be used in conjunction with a resistance band or without.

  1. Place the band (if using) around your ankles and lie on your side on the ground. Support your head in the hand of one arm, and place the other on the ground in front of you.

  2. Stack your feet on top of each other.

  3. Lift your top leg straight up as high as you can. Make sure you’re not leaning forward or backward, and don’t let your hips rotate forward or backward. Keep your core engaged while you lift.

  4. Complete fifteen reps and then swap sides.


For a more advanced exercise, try a side plank with a leg lift, to get those glutes extra fired up!

glute activation

Single-Leg Glute Bridge


  1. Lie on your back with your hands by your side. Bend your legs and plant your feet firmly on the ground.

  2. Lift your right leg off the floor and hold it up to a ninety-degree angle.

  3. Squeeze your glutes and slowly raise your hips off the floor. Try to keep your hips as stable as possible, and rest most of your weight on your upper back.

  4. Lower your hips back down to the ground.

  5. Complete fifteen reps with your right let off the floor, before switching sides to complete another fifteen.

glute activation

Fire Hydrant

The fire hydrant is the perfect exercise to wake up the gluteus medius. Strengthening this particular muscle will help to maintain balance, improve hip stability, prevent knee and ankle injuries, help you run faster and change directions more quickly.


  1. On all fours, place your hand underneath your shoulders, and your knees underneath your hips.

  2. Flex your feet.

  3. Raise one leg out to the side, keeping the knee bent to ninety degrees and making sure to keep both feet firmly flexed.

  4. Lift it as high as you can while keeping your arms straight and really squeeze the butt cheeks as you lift.

  5. Hold for three seconds at the top, and then lower.

  6. Repeat fifteen times on one leg, and then swap and repeat fifteen times on the other.

glute activation

Technique is Key, Not Speed!

It’s all good and well to be able to move through the exercises with ease, but remember that glute activation is all about technique. Don’t try to push through each rep quickly, but instead focus on really activating your glutes, squeezing them as hard as you can.


Use these exercises any time you’re thinking of doing a lower body workout as they will increase the amount of work done by your glutes. Once you add them into your repertoire and have them ingrained into your mind, you may even be able to start activating your gluteus muscles without even thinking!

glute activation
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